Sceptre Investment Counsel Limited (Sceptre)’s existing website which served as an information source to their clients and investors, had become unwieldy and disorganized over the years. Information was difficult to find as content was buried under numerous sections and navigation throughout the site had become cumbersome. They required a new website to support Sceptre’s strategic plan and branding and to provide simple content creation and management.

Point Alliance provided Sceptre with a new, organized and easily manageable website. The website was reflective of their new branding and visitors are able to quickly locate important information such as fund objectives and performance with a click of a button. Online activity from their clients, prospective clients and investors rose dramatically since the launch of the new website.

What can LP4W do for your Business?

  • Ensures rapid delivery of content through an efficient and intelligent workflow/approval system
  • Provides content management, including versioning and archiving of content
  • Empowers business users to contribute content, while minimizing IT’s involvement
  • Able to integrate with your current infrastructure
  • Ensures site and brand consistency through the use of a central image repository
  • Provides fast, accurate and rich search results
  • Allows you to keep content fresh and the publishing process simple
  • Dramatically reduces the time and cost involved in building, maintaining, and re-branding