Schulich was in need of a complete website revitalization to enhance their online communication and manage their web content more efficiently. Schulich’s existing web content maintenance proved to be too complex and tedious to operate. Further, the process of having the IT department solely responsible for web site content maintenance was wasting valuable time and resources that could be used more efficiently elsewhere.

Point Alliance leveraged Launch Pad for Web (LP4W) to identify their project goals and to create a new website designed to address their online challenges.

Here are some of the key components of the solution provided to Schulich:

  • Engaging Design
    • New website was fresh, clean, professional with an engaging design that aligned with the Schulich identity. The new user experience included dynamic Flash movies being fed real-time content from LP4W which profiled current and former students.
  • Content structure and organization
    • Intuitive navigation and quick links allowed users to access content that had been re-organized into logical groupings.
  • Business user empowerment
    • Schulich users with minimal technical skills now have the ability to competently manage web content. Web content maintenance responsibilities have now been shifted from the IT department to the business users to ensure that valuable resources are used as effectively as possible.
  • Content management system
    • Streamlined web content management from the numerous databases the site was running on to a single and simple to use management system
  • Sophisticated workflow and security
    • Schulich’s new website now features an automated workflow system and pre-defined access levels for greater site security.

What can LP4W do for your Business?

Ensures rapid delivery of content through an efficient and intelligent workflow/approval system • Provides content management, including versioning and archiving of content • Empowers business users to contribute content, while minimizing IT’s involvement • Able to integrate with your current infrastructure • Ensures site and brand consistency through the use of a central image repository • Provides fast, accurate and rich search results • Allows you to keep content fresh and the publishing process simple • Dramatically reduces the time and cost involved in building, maintaining, and re-branding