PracticeReady is a collaborative web platform custom developed by Point Alliance to meet Headcan’s requirement for an easy and efficient solution to share information.

PracticeReady has enabled the organization to better engage team members and clients through an improved project collaborative process, resulting in more accurate and timely project deliverables. By leveraging the new web solution, Headcan is able to benefit from the following capabilities:

  • Content security:
    • Users of the tool are able to collaborate and make decisions as a collective unit in a secure environment
  • Shortened collaboration process:
    • The manual process for users to collaborate, review and approve projects has been replaced by a streamlined approach which allows for greater time efficiencies.
  • Enhanced accessibility:
    • All shared documents are easily accessible to users of the tool.

This collaborative tool facilitates communication among all users and enables a simple method to share content.

Key components:

  • Content collaboration
    • PracticeReady empowers key individuals to create content for members to collaborate and make decisions
  • Enhanced communication
    • PracticeReady facilitates direct communication by enabling users to read, post, and record comments/ feedback using the tool.
  • Review process automation
    • The entire project collaboration process, including the generation of ideas, editing and detail finalization, has been streamlined to a fully automated process.