Shikatani Lacroix required an advanced approval system that could assist in their regular client communication in a time efficient and effective manner. They required a tool that would enable users to securely post content online for review and approval and track project progress.

Point Alliance responded with TeamClient™ Approval- an online, web-based tool to facilitate the design review process for their business. The new content and collaboration solution has significantly improved the quality and effectiveness of communication between its team and their clients. TeamClient Approval provided Shikatani with resource and time savings by gaining real-time feedback on projects in a timely manner. Further, the new tool enabled Shikatani to improve its accuracy in meeting client’s needs and requirements.

TeamClient™ Approval offers the following:

  • Improved Business Process : A more efficient and organized approach to design review than previous manual process.
  • Reduced paper waste: Eliminates the need to work with hard copies with its ability to directly input feedback documents
  • Greater time efficiencies: Accessibility to centralized project material, in addition to the tool’s streamlined approach drastically reduces the time involved in the review process.
  • Enhanced accuracy: Comprehensive feedback and review history ensures that project revisions are noted with improved accuracy.