Point Alliance worked with the OHA to create a new website and to centralize the web content using Point Alliance’s Launch Pad for Web (LP4W) product. The web site now has a consistent look and feel throughout and is easy and intuitive to navigate. The over eighty databases containing web site content has been reduced to five. This has played a major role in simplifying the site security being used for membership information. Integration with other back-end systems has also been streamlined to eliminate data duplication and improve data accuracy. Launched in conjunction with the OHA’s annual convention & exhibition the web site received rave reviews from their membership.

Here are some of the key components of the solution provided to OHA:

  • Content migration
    • Ability to seamlessly migrate content from their old legacy system to their new environment. Information that was once housed in many separate databases has now been reduced to a fraction of the size. This content compilation will allow the OHA to save both time and resources by its ability to manage much of its content through a single application.
  • Security
    • LP4W’s organized design allowed OHA to regain control of their growing collection of information. Back-end systems have been securely integrated to ensure the accuracy of data. The OHA can now be confident that sensitive content such as personal membership information will remain accessible yet secure.
  • Content management
    • Since the OHA uses their website as a primary method to share information, it was important for them to be able to manage their online content in a time efficient manner. LP4W’s simplified maintenance process not only allows the OHA to complete this task quickly and easily but also provides them with the proper tools to execute any re-branding efforts they may have in the future in significantly less time and effort

What can LP4W do for your Business?

  • Ensures rapid delivery of content through an efficient and intelligent workflow/approval system
  • Provides content management, including versioning and archiving of content
  • Empowers business users to contribute content, while minimizing IT’s involvement
  • Able to integrate with your current infrastructure
  • Ensures site and brand consistency through the use of a central image repository
  • Provides fast, accurate and rich search results
  • Allows you to keep content fresh and the publishing process simple
  • Dramatically reduces the time and cost involved in building, maintaining, and re-branding