In addition to the various roles and functions of the organization, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) also hosts and coordinates up to eight registration-based event per year. Their current event management process was a highly labour intensive and manual system. In order to maximize time and resource efficiencies, they required a savvy online event registration and payment system that would allow them to dedicate less of their resources in this area.

Point Alliance drew from its extensive knowledge and experience with event registration and management solution to quickly implement a custom user-friendly Event Manager for Domino product for CLHIA. CHLIA’s new tool included a flexible e-commerce component allowing CLHIA’s members the option of paying online using a secure, e-commerce solution. As a fully integrated system, administrators were also able to communicate event information to its members via a centralized system in a timely and efficient manner. CLHIA’s registration process, which consisted of traditional postal mail and email that took up to two weeks was shortened to a matter of seconds. The entire registration and management process resulted in such significant efficiencies that the cost of implementing the tool already paid for itself after CLHIA’s first use!

Core functionality of the Event Manager for Domino:

Customizable web interface – Simple yet secure user authentication – Bilingual – Ability to identify different audiences (i.e. attendees vs. exhibitors) – Flexible ecommerce component – Smart reporting and analytics (i.e. tracking of payment) – Server-based license- one-time purchase of the product (unlimited number of events and registrations)