Magazine Information Network, LLC (MagNet) rerquired a robust data warehouse solution that would accurately capture, consolidate, and cleanse critical magazine and retailer data which was individually housed in varying formats within MagNet’s 100-plus partner base of wholesalers. Combining the technological power of Microsoft® and Cognos, Point Alliance provided MagNet with an end-to-end distribution data warehousing solution and business intelligence tools that would empower MagNet to provide timely and detailed sales data (per store, per issue) from over 140,000 stores across North America.

Core components and services that were provided as part of the new solution included:

  • Data warehouse design and architecture
  • A new industry standard XML data transfer format for all incoming data
  • Data consolidation and cleansing tools—transformation and matching of copious data from multiple sources, formats and platforms
  • Business intelligence tools—multifaceted data reporting, audit and analysis
  • Configuration and hosting of MagNet’s infrastructure including terabyte servers and SANs
  • Data migration – of historical data from the previous proprietary system
  • Since launching the new consolidated data warehouse and flexible and scalable business intelligence tools, MagNet proudly boasts many benefits, meeting their overarching goal of providing the publishing industry with the best decision-support information and tools.

Core functionality of the tool includes:

  • Timeliness of data – Users are able to access and distribute important data in a timely manner
  • Accuracy – Data matching tools and processes provide greater accuracy of information
  • Cost efficiencies – The automation of many routine and manual processes leads to greater cost efficiencies
  • Insightful reports – Access to valuable data, such as important sales trends and business knowledge will provide users with a competitive advantage to make informed business decisions