Catholic Family Services of Toronto (CFST) is a non-profit, community based family service agency. Focused on helping individuals, couples and families cope with personal challenges, the Agency offers a number of different services, tools and resources to provide necessary support. In order to be as relevant and effective as possible, CFST needed a way to survey their clients and gather insight into areas such as client attainment of goals, satisfaction and demographics. While such information would be highly valuable to CFST, a manual, paper-based survey was considered to be too time consuming, cumbersome to manage and more costly over the long run.

Having partnered with CFST in the past, Point Alliance was eager to work with the organization again to provide a solution for this challenge. In doing so, Point Alliance created ‘CFSTEP’- a web-based survey that is easily administered by mobile tablets and iPads. Data collected through CFSTEP is exported in real time for use by both CFST and the CFS Collaborative Evaluation Project (a collaborative project of the Catholic Family Service Agencies of the Archdiocese of Toronto) to be studied and analyzed for critical decision making in areas such as staff training, program evaluation and development, and improving client outcomes and satisfaction. By adopting a web-based survey over a paper survey, CFST is able to limit the additional resources required to manage the new tool, better control the accuracy of data collected, and speed up the availability of data, thereby producing more timely, relevant and insightful findings.

Like any web-based application, data privacy and security is of the utmost importance. While the protection of data collection is not difficult, it has a potential to be costly. With CFST’s sensitive budget in mind, Point Alliance was able to develop a work-around solution that would allow CFST to effectively operate their web-based tool without compromising its security. In the end, Point Alliance was able to check off all the boxes on CFST’s wish list by producing a comprehensive and efficient survey system that is cost efficient and sure to score high in satisfaction.