Point Alliance worked with Jewish Family & Child to implement the new web site design and centralize the web content using Point Alliance’s Launch Pad for Web (LP4W) product. This new site took their existing brochure-ware site to the next level by introducing a completely new look and feel consistent with the company’s branding efforts and an enhanced online experience. Point Alliance implemented a user-friendly solution to facilitate program registration and donations, streamlining the agency’s operations. Web site content management is now distributed throughout the organization, allowing the IT department to only be responsible for supporting the underlying infrastructure, resulting in reduced time and cost involved with web site maintenance.

Here are some of the key components of the solution provided to JF&CS:

  • Enhance online experience
    JF&C’s new website design is both intuitive and user-friendly. The appeal­ing layout and website functionality allows JF&C to better educate the public on a variety of topics such as program information and involvement opportunities.
  • Improve communication
    Using LP4W allowed JF&C to incorporate and organize a variety of content into their new website. Visitors to the JF&C site can now easily access information about the organization online. With LP4W, JF&C is able to extend the solution to assist with all of their communication to their user community in significantly less time and effort.
  • Streamline operations
    Using LP4W has enabled JF&C to facilitate multiple processes and features such as managing donations and program and service registrations online.
  • Cost efficiency
    By leveraging LP4W’s capabilities, JF&C can now enjoy cost savings benefited from streamlined operations and less stringent management requirements.

What can LP4W do for your Business?

  • Ensures rapid delivery of content through an efficient and intelligent workflow/approval system
  • Provides content management, including versioning and archiving of content
  • Empowers business users to contribute content, while minimizing IT’s involvement
  • Able to integrate with your current infrastructure
  • Ensures site and brand consistency through the use of a central image repository
  • Provides fast, accurate and rich search results
  • Allows you to keep content fresh and the publishing process simple
  • Dramatically reduces the time and cost involved in building, maintaining, and re-branding