Hockey Canada’s existing website was the primary digital channel for communication, marketing, online presence and information for Canadians and their love of the sport. To meet rising demands, a modernized website and framework, along with new digital channels, were required to help meet customer expectations. Real-time data needed to be easily and quickly delivered to their end users. Their vision of the new website would be faster, provide a better visitor experience, reduce bounce rate, and increase page views and user satisfaction.

Hockey Canada’s existing website was supported by basic software, which took several steps to deliver new data. The site was heavy in content and required manual updating. In order to achieve business goals, Point Alliance was required to redevelop and migrate components of its existing website to a new agile content management system. A solution was also required to support video streaming on all mobile devices for its main Hockey Canada website.

Point Alliance successfully delivered a new website to Hockey Canada with a variety of tools and resources. Application programming interfaces (APIs) were used to not only disseminate data on its website, but to design an innovative online service for all users. Agility CMS was used in this project to provide a more robust CMS that specializes in advertising-driven websites and advertising campaigns.

Point Alliance successfully revamped and developed a new look to Hockey Canada’s online presence. Web page response time has been reduced. User data and statistics are now available in real time, increasing customer satisfaction and a better user experience. smashed its traffic records during the 2015 IIHF World Junior Championship. Over the course of the World Juniors, from Dec. 26, 2014 to Jan. 5, 2015, the site broke its previous single-day high for daily page views four separate times. The Agility CMS-powered website, built in partnership with Point Alliance, was able to handle the huge spikes in traffic.