Schenker of Canada (Schenker) wanted to give their web site a fresh new look and feel to stay consistent with their re-branding efforts. They required a content management system that would facilitate ongoing updates to the site and integrate with other back-end systems. More importantly, the site needed to be easily managed and maintained by the marketing department so IT resources would not be required to be involved on an ongoing basis.

Point Alliance provided Schenker with a new website by leveraging Launch Pad for Web (LP4W). Prior to launching the website, Point Alliance provided thorough training to Schenker’s team on how to manage the website- in less than 2 hours! Schenker’s new website is now easily managed by individual departments- freeing up time and efforts of their IT resources.

Point Alliance provided Schenker with the following online tools:

  • Quick track integration
    • Ability to enter in tracking numbers (i.e. purchase or sales order number) to track status of shipments
  • Customer portal
    • Allows customers to access a secure and exclusive part of the website
  • Carousel of images and text
    • Creative and engaging web interface which includes multiple, customizable graphics that refresh after a few intervals along with key messages

What can LP4W do for your Business?

  • Ensures rapid delivery of content through an efficient and intelligent workflow/approval system
  • Provides content management, including versioning and archiving of content
  • Empowers business users to contribute content, while minimizing IT’s involvement
  • Able to integrate with your current infrastructure
  • Ensures site and brand consistency through the use of a central image repository
  • Provides fast, accurate and rich search results
  • Allows you to keep content fresh and the publishing process simple
  • Dramatically reduces the time and cost involved in building, maintaining, and re-branding