The Branch Management Solution (BMS) was developed by Point Alliance as a response to the Canadian Red Cross Ontario Zone’s challenges with their current payment and donation collection and tracking process. The BMS is a PCI-compliant solution that enables charitable or not-for-profit organizations to automate and streamline their donation and payment collection process. The BMS provides detailed reporting and advanced search functionality, allowing agencies to manage donation information, and ensuring that funds are secured in a timely and efficient manner.

The BMS is now the primary solution used to handle all payments and donations for branches of the Canadian Red Cross Ontario Zone. The integration of BMS into the Ontario branches was met with positive response and has already proven to be successful in achieving all project goals.

The Branch Management Solution provided the Canadian Red Cross with the following capabilities:

  • Easy to use system to reconcile payments and donations
  • Centralized process to receive, track, and manage payments and donations in a timely manner
  • PCI-compliant solution to handle all credit card transactions.
  • The ability to complete multiple payments in a single process
  • Printable payment and donation receipts at the time of transaction
  • Sophisticated fund recording and tracking system
  • Detailed and targeted reports available at a branch, regional or zone level
  • Multi-level search functions
  • Multiple security levels
  • Provide exports that can be imported into back-end systems for accounting and fundraising.
  • Secure user access based on defined roles
  • Comprehensive audit trail