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Oct 20, 2020 / 11:30 am

30 minutes

Dynamic data masking (DDM) limits sensitive data exposure by masking it to non-privileged users. It can be used to greatly simplify the design and coding of security in your application.

Dynamic data masking helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data by enabling customers to specify how much sensitive data to reveal with minimal impact on the application layer. DDM can be configured on designated database fields to hide sensitive data in the result sets of queries. With DDM the data in the database is not changed. Dynamic data masking is easy to use with existing applications, since masking rules are applied in the query results. Many applications can mask sensitive data without modifying existing queries.

  • A central data masking policy acts directly on sensitive fields in the database.
  • Designate privileged users or roles that do have access to the sensitive data.
  • DDM features full masking and partial masking functions, and a random mask for numeric data.
  • Simple Transact-SQL commands define and manage masks.

Learn how organizations can keep databases and other data sources on their on-premises networks while securely using that on-premises data in cloud services.