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Tablet Computers- the New PC

Tablet Computers: the New PC

It’s no surprise that tablet computers have certainly made a real splash this year.

Best known as the smaller, portable and versatile cousin to the traditional PC, tablet computers have successfully carved a niche for themselves between the conventional PC and cellular phone. While it is expected that over half of computing devices sold globally in 2011 will not be PCs, experts expect a significant shift towards more compact and versatile communication devices to follow.

Although smaller in size, tablets encompass much of the functionality of a PC, while scoring big in features such as convenience and accessibility. Its ease of use through a primary input device and accessibility to online access and local network connections makes it easy to see why these handy devices are most ideal from both a personal and business perspective.

All tablets are not created equal

Despite the successful growth of tablet computers, no single operating system has emerged as a dominant player. The lack of visible dominance in the market by a single company makes it difficult for businesses to choose the most appropriate platform(s) that best meet their needs. As this is the case, it is important that potential adopters have a full understanding of all operating systems and the diverse strengths they can bring to their business.

All features of selected tablets should be considered, from the size and weight of the device, to the type of operating system that works best with your requirements. As expected, mobile devices and applications are not a simple turn-key solution to a business problem. All inter-connected aspects of an organization must be weighed when incorporating new technology, such as integration between functional areas, lines of business and human resources and support.

Business Productivity of Tablets

While tablet devices are widely accepted by consumers for personal enjoyment, the industry is showing a rapid shift in its use to the business world. The fact that experts expect more than 25% of all tablet sales this year to be purchased by enterprises should come as no surprise when considering the long list of benefits tablet devices offer.

From its impressive battery life, ease of use and effortless maintenance (due to minimal moving parts), it is clear why more and more companies are investing in this new technology today.

Greater accessibility

The tablet’s convenient size paired with its data storing capabilities allows businesses to capitalize on greater accessibility of information never before possible with PCs or notepads. Averaging 6-10” in size with tremendous battery life, the tablet can be utilized for every-day business activities by linking to cloud services and allowing users to conveniently access business tools, receive up to date data, and store and manipulate information at the tip of their fingers.

Enhanced productivity

Improved work productivity through the implementation of tablets exist in both internal and external-facing processes. This can most be seen in (but certainly not limited to), businesses with field staff who have limited access to office networks. The incorporation of tablets in the field removes barriers such as distance and lack of resources that users generally face when out of the office- allowing employees to work productively at all times.

Improved communication

The technological capabilities provided by tablets also allows for greater communication within the company from both a quality and frequency perspective. As an example, iPad2 features a front-facing camera and Face Time feature which enables users to participate in videoconferencing. For many business users, the ability to connect live with team members and decision makers can surely be a significant and beneficial feature.

How can Point Alliance help?

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