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The need for mobile information

Picture this: You’re running late to your baseball game only to find out that the schedule has changed at the last minute. You have no idea exactly when and where the field is. You end up missing half of the game. Now picture this: You’re on the road making sales calls and you’ve forgotten your contact list of clients with your customer history notes back at the office. There goes your afternoon.

These types of situations are frustrating, yet all too familiar. We have all fallen victim to the irritating and time consuming predicaments of being unarmed with information. The reality is, in our fast paced world today, the need for information and the speed that we handle, interpret and analyze it is moving at a much faster pace. The ability to get instant access to the most current version of a file, weekly report, game schedule or stock update has become increasingly important and in some cases, a necessity.

Mobile tools

Luckily, there are a few solutions on the market to address some of these challenging situations described above. So, which service or application makes more sense for you? There is no one-size fits all solution but fortunately there are plenty of good options. Let’s take a closer look.

1) DropBox

Dropbox is free file hosting service that provides a centralized area in the cloud for your photos, documents, and videos. Users have the ability to instantly share files through Dropbox by uploading the document in Dropbox and then synchronized onto their computer or mobile device. If reliability is your main concern, then Dropbox might not be the selection for you since it does not offer any uptime guarantee for their free service, nor do they offer a Service Level Agreement.

2) Google Drive

Google Drive is available on every modern browser and has the ability to support and view up to 30 different file types. Google Drive allows users to create and collaborate on documents, share ideas and make changes in real time. With Google’s trademark search engine, you can search through all your files and scanned images for words and phrases. Frequent user of the Google applications will be happy to learn that you can also write and use applications through Google Drive.

3) Microsoft Skydrive

Microsoft SkyDrive is an application that can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device that enables access to your photos and files from anywhere. Data can be shared with others through a simple link. Microsoft SkyDrive with free Office Web Apps provides Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote in your internet browser. Office Web Apps allows you to work on the same documents at the same time as others you choose to share those documents with. Microsoft offers a 7GB free account for users to get started.

What is mobilextension?

Point Alliance has recently introduced a similar product called mobilextension to address these challenging situations described earlier

mobilextension is based on the simple idea: your need for information is not limited to your home or office, so why should it only be accessible there? mobilextension is a cloud based tool that allows you to securely upload your spreadsheet-style content so it can be readily available on any of your mobile devices and shared with as many people as you like.

How does mobilextension differentiate itself from the other mobile tools? Your freshly uploaded content is automatically synched to your mobile device so you can start using it to make phone calls, open URL links and maps and send emails with a click of a button. From sharing business reports to road maps – mobilextension is the easiesty way to extend your information to whoever you want, wherever they are.

The mobilextension process is simple. mobilextension provides users the capability of uploading information in two formats: CSV (comma-separated values) and/or XML (Extensible Markup Language) through the online website. The uploaded list can be freely shared with an unlimited number of people using any mobile device (iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry). Once the list is set up on the mobile devices, the content will continue to be automatically synched to their mobile device and recipients can start using this information immediately!

Visit www.mobilextension.com to learn more!

Benefits of mobilextension

The versatility in mobilextension’s functionality enables all types of users to utilize the tool for a variety of different purposes, offering a number of advantages that are sure to benefit all.

Time efficiencies

  • Decrease the amount of time required to share critical information with others through conventional methods (e.g. regular email reports)
  • Automatic syncing of information to mobile device allows users to immediately use data
  • Increased productivity as a result of up-to-date information

Cost savings

  • Ability to communicate effectively to an unlimited number of people at a low cost
  • No limits or minimum requirements on uploading data or distribution lists

Organization and communication

  • Ability to organize schedules, contacts, listings and communicate in an efficient manner
  • Ability to organize distribution lists to ensure easy mobilization of data
  • Ensure instant communication of up-to-date information

Ease of Use

  • User-friendly interface enables any type of user to use tool


  • Functionality in all mobile devices (iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry)
  • Sync content and immediately utilize on any mobile device – e.g. activate maps, dial phone numbers, etc.

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