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8th Anniversary Edition

Point Alliance celebrates its 8th anniversary this July!

To commemorate this exciting milestone, this special edition will focus entirely on Point Alliance. Join us as we take a look back on how it all started, share what the company is today, and of course, where it is headed for in the future.

Where we were....

Alliance was founded by Shaan Parekh and John Zarei, who, sharing a passion for IT, pursued their aspirations of establishing their own IT consulting and development company. Shaan and John, having already worked with one another many years before, knew that the partnership to build Point Alliance was going to be a great one.

Shaan had only fond memories remembering what it was like starting up Point Alliance. “Back in 2002, we secured some office space in a North Toronto warehouse. A longstanding client of ours was kind enough to let us have a minimally furnished office to use to help Point Alliance get started. Four months later, Point Alliance had grown to five staff. It was at this point that we were determined to find a bigger and more professional work environment.” Shaan shares, “Coincidentally enough, the Company that both John and I left to start Point Alliance was sub-letting office space in our old downtown office. Both John and I had been working out of 20 Adelaide since 1996, and ironically enough, we were able to move back into the same office we used to work out of! Our latest move in 2009 took us across the hall to a larger space where we are working out of today.”

With their combined breadth of knowledge and experience in the industry, Shaan and John soon built a strong team of IT professionals now known as Point Alliance.

Where we are...

the past 8 years, Point Alliance has grown from a 2-man show to over 20 employees, harvesting long-lasting business partnerships with reputable organizations such as IBM, Microsoft, HP and Research in Motion. Specializing in collaborative solutions and custom development, Point Alliance soon became an award-winning IT consulting and development company, offering an array of innovative products and services designed to add significant value to their clients’ operations.

Providing their visionary leadership, Shaan and John has lead Point Alliance through many accomplishments including recognition in the Profit 100: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies list for both 2008 and 2010 as well as many service and solution awards. Since 2002, Point Alliance has launched numerous products and service offerings.

... and where we are heading!

With 8 great years behind us, Point Alliance is looking forward to an even brighter and more exciting future. Leveraging the existing relationships with our partners, Point Alliance plans to continue to develop its product and service offerings to better serve our customers.

Meet the team

Today, John Zarei serves as Point Alliance’s Chief Information Officer by directing the activities of web services. Shaan Parekh leads the company in mobile and wireless activities as Point Alliance’s Chief Technology Officer. Both John and Shaan play an integral part in business development and Point Alliance’s strategic planning. Other key management includes Jan Crowe, overseeing client projects as Director of Consulting Services, and Jonathan Hamilton, responsible for all sales and marketing initiatives as Vice President of Business Development.

Thank You!

The entire Point Alliance team would like to thank our loyal customer base and business partners that we have had the pleasure of doing business throughout the years. Thank you for sharing in our success with us. Your support and commitment is much appreciated as we look forward to the coming years!

We hope you have found this month’s edition of Point of View to be helpful and informative. Look out for our next installment as we continue to deliver Point Alliance news, and explore additional IT opportunities.

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