Point of View

13th Anniversary Edition

This month marks the 13th anniversary of Point Alliance! And what a terrific year it has been!

While some may be sceptical of the number 13, we’ve only experienced good fortune in the past year (to be fair, we avoided black cats and stepping on cracks as much as possible). From getting recognized at Branham 300 once again, to our involvement in CollabCon and Les Tablettistes, to name a few, year 13 has been nothing short of exciting.

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve compiled a list of 13 unique Point Alliance fun facts, made possible only after 13 lucky, fun and adventurous years, that has brought us to where we are today.

13 – Number of years we’ve been in business

12 – Number of years we have been partners with Microsoft and IBM

11 – Average number of years of experience of our IT specialists

10 – Number of leading Technical Partners we work with

9 – Number of different coffees we offer in our lounge- come visit us!

8 – Number of core services we offer

7 – Number of times we will have participated at the Daily Bread Food Sort by end of the year

6 – Number of people who have been on the Point Alliance team for 10+ years!

5 – The Floor where we live! (Suite 500, to be exact!)

4 – Number of Caribbean countries where we have done business

3 – Number of times Point Alliance has been recognized by PROFIT 100/ PROFIT 500

2 – Number of times Point Alliance has been recognized on Branham 300’s list of Top Tech Companies/ Next 50 ICT Companies/

1 – The importance we place on every single client we have!

We hope you have found this month’s edition of Point of View to be helpful and informative. Look out for our next installment as we continue to deliver Point Alliance news, and explore additional IT opportunities.

We want to hear your point of view!

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