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June has arrived! The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer and of course, the city of Toronto is buzzing with excitement as the Raptors push to make history in the NBA finals. This month at Point Alliance, we’re following the lead of the Raptors and working together to be the best possible team we can be, both in the office and out in our community. The most important part of creating a strong and successful team, be it a sports team or a team of people working in an office setting, is collaboration. As technology evolves, work environments are becoming more flexible as people can work on site and remotely with the same efficiency. What has not changed though, is the need to be in contact with your team and constantly sharing information and insight with one another. A study conducted by Forrester Consulting revealed the following as challenges they face with their current collaboration tools

Microsoft Teams, the collaborative platform included in the Office 365 bundle, has proved to save businesses valuable time and allow more flexibility among employees. The same study by Forrester Consulting found that:

  • Teams reduces the total number of meetings and their duration. Online meetings conducted over Teams are reliable and of very high audio-video quality. As a result, employees spend less time addressing setup and call-quality issues, and more time interacting. The total time savings equal $6.9 million. 
  • Information workers save 4 hours per week from improved collaboration and information sharing. With Teams features like co-authoring, integrated file storage, and internal directory, information workers can effectively and efficiently collaborate in real time. The potential savings equal more than $14.3 million. 
  • Information workers save more than 1 hour per week by not having to switch between applications. Access to 3rd party and line-of-business apps inside Teams from any device benefits all workers, especially remote workers. This creates better employee cohesion and a common corporate culture across locations. The total savings are nearly $4.8 million. 
  • Having resources available online in Teams reduces downtime by 14.6%. When resources are available in one cloud-based location, downtime is reduced and complexity is lowered, making security and compliance easier. Compared to on-premise solutions, the time savings are worth $258,000 across information and Firstline Workers. 

To learn more about Microsoft Teams and how we can help seamlessly migrate your business to Office 365, visit our website or call today!  

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Microsoft Intune

Protect your data while maintaining productivity for your employees on the mobile devices and apps they choose. Mobile device management and mobile application management provide integrated data protection and compliance capabilities that let you be precise about what data different users can access, as well as what they can do with the data within Office and other mobile apps.

Define a mobile management strategy that fits the needs of your organization. Apply flexible mobile device and app management controls that let employees work with the devices and apps they choose while protecting your company information.

Meet your data protection needs while delivering the best user experience

  • Help your people stay productive and secure
  • Get unparalleled Office mobile app management
  • Select from a variety of management scenarios
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