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The 10 most common misconceptions when moving to SharePoint Online

SharePoint 2019 has been announced to be released later this year, which means the server version is still here to stay for the foreseeable future.

We can safely predict however, that it won’t repeat the success of SharePoint 2010. Microsoft will continue ushering clients to the cloud and for most companies moving to Office 365 is just a question of time.

With some misconceptions cleared up, we hope that it’s going to be easier for you to decide whether you will move to the cloud soon or need to stay on premise for a while.

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Myth No.1: Migration to SharePoint Online is easy if we use a commercial migration tool

This is probably the biggest misconception that we encounter over and over again. Many Clients assume that to migrate a SharePoint portal they can just copy and paste everything as if it was a PHP website. And you might say: “I know, it’s not that trivial, but surely, you can just get one of the migration tools that will do it in a few clicks”. Wrong. There are very few cases when an on-premise farm can be migrated without much preparation and redesign. Keep reading and you will learn why.

Wait, are you saying that migration tools are useless?

Far from it. Migration to SharePoint Online without any tools is a daunting task. By all means, you should use them. However, there is still a lot of work involved no matter which tools you’ve purchased.

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Myth No.2: Everything that worked in SharePoint on-premises should work in SharePoint Online

This statement is far from reality. Check out the list of things below that you can safely expect not to work in SharePoint Online post migration. Yes, that’s right. All of these farm solutions that you’ve purchased and developed will not work. Many other things are not supported or will break as well.

But everything else will work, right?

No, this table is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things that won’t work after migration there is no way to list it all here. Interesting fact is that, if you haven’t invested much into SharePoint customizations you have the best chances of a successful migration. The problem is, that many clients don’t exactly know which customizations they have. This is why you need a pre-migration assessment.

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Myth No.3: The IT Department can migrate everything on their own

Migration to SharePoint Online is not just a technicality. Half of the work will have to be done by the business analysts, stakeholders and site owners.

The IT department will not necessarily know what to do with the features that won’t work in the cloud. Are these features just “nice to have” or business critical? Since the farm solutions won’t work, what do we replace them with? Do we purchase 3rd party apps or rewrite everything from scratch? We should also decide where the content goes. Will some sites need to be merged together or split.

There are a myriad questions that IT will need help with. And you don’t want them to just assume everything.

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We hope you have found this month’s edition of Point of View to be helpful and informative. Look out for our next installment as we continue to deliver Point Alliance news, and explore additional IT opportunities.

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