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Extending applications to mobile devices

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Did you know that wireless phones and smartphones are among the fastest growing consumer products in history? A smartphone is a portable device that lets you make phone calls, but also adds features common to traditional PDAs and computers – the ability to send and receive email, and edit documents. Popular smartphones include the BlackBerry, iPhone and Android OS devices. Smartphones can also run custom applications.

Extending applications to mobile devices

Mobile applications are rapidly advancing technologically and playing a big role in the way people use their smartphones. Simply put, it has immensely changed the way we do business. For business professionals, this means improved productivity that comes with the ability to complete any task at their fingertips. As such, companies of all sizes are seeking ways to create a competitive advantage by extending their business applications to their mobile platform. The numbers are growing rapidly – in 2009, smartphone vendors shipped and sold 174 million units which is 15% higher than the 151 million smartphones sold in 2008. Approximately 43% of adult cell phone users have software applications on their phones- and the number only keeps growing!

How do mobile applications work?

So is incorporating mobile applications the right move for your business? Before you can answer that question, you need to learn what they are and how exactly they work. Mobile applications are simply programs that are developed specifically to work on your smartphone The types of application are both limitless and completely dependent on each user’s need for information.

Key considerations for mobile applications

Whether you are extending current applications, or developing a new one for your mobile users, here are a few things to consider.

1) User experience Using your mobile application should be an easy task so make sure it is designed to be as user friendly as possible. The best mobile application should allow users to interact with the application quickly using the least amount of scrolling and tapping as possible.

How can Point Alliance help?

As a premier Information Technology services organization specializing in web and wireless solutions, Point Alliance has worked with countless organizations to extend existing systems as well as develop unique solutions to specifically meet each client’s needs.

To date, Point Alliance has been involved in numerous mobile projects including:

  • Sales/Customer Service solutions
  • Data Collection systems
  • Inventory Management applications

At Point Alliance, we work closely with our customers to design a detailed plan and work together on defining business requirements and objectives. Our mobile solutions bring together people and information in real-time, and will provide key benefits quickly to your organization. Some of these benefits include cost savings, improved communication, increased productivity, increased efficiency, and so much more.

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can enhance the effectiveness and productivity in your organization.

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