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Microsoft SharePoint

What Is Microsoft SharePoint?

According to Microsoft, Microsoft SharePoint is defined as a business collaboration platform for the Enterprise and the internet. Simply put, it is a brilliant tool that allows people to easily work together. So, what does Microsoft SharePoint offer? A better question would be- “What doesn’t Microsoft SharePoint offer?” That would certainly yield a shorter list. SharePoint is best understood by accessing its capabilities and benefits it offers to users, so let’s take a look.

What can Microsoft SharePoint offer?

Offering a single infrastructure for your business websites, SharePoint Sites allows users to share documents, manage projects, and publish information- all in a single workspace.

Looking for ways to improve efficiency and collaboration between your team? SharePoint Communities does exactly that by offering a collaborative platform designed to encourage communication and collaboration through the sharing of ideas.

In a nut shell, SharePoint Insights helps you make smart decisions. How? Simply by making valuable data contained in reports and databases available through insightful tools, such as interactive dashboards and score cards.

Work Flows
A key feature of SharePoint is its ability to model business processes as workflows. Let SharePoint manage your workflows, ranging from vacation request processes to purchase order approvals in a streamlined approach.

Why Use SharePoint?

The features and capabilities of SharePoint are endless so it’s easy to see why it may be beneficial to adopt SharePoint in your business. In a snapshot, here are Point Alliance’s Top 5 reasons why SharePoint is the solution of choice.

1) Improved collaboration Finally, a designated place to freely communicate and collaborate with your team. SharePoint is built to harness the power of collaboration, essentially providing a breeding ground for ideas and encouraging the creative juices to flow in a secure environment.

2) Enhanced productivity Productivity is bound to soar with the plethora of tools available to users for the sole purpose of improving work efficiencies. With the ability to build reports, develop business solutions, analyze data, and manage websites both on and off-line- getting the job done has never been easier.

3) Accessibility to intelligence The ability to harness and analyze intelligence from various sources and formats of data is simply invaluable. The power of relevant information can not only help make informed decisions, but assist in sharing knowledge and delivering sound business solutions, giving SharePoint a leg up from its competitors.

Need a hand?

With that being said, Microsoft still understands that everyone needs a little help somewhere along the way.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your SharePoint experience that much smoother.

How Can Point Alliance Help?

Point Alliance has been a proud member of Microsoft®’s Partner Network since 2002. As a Gold Certified Partner of Excellence and Microsoft SharePoint experts, Point Alliance has worked alongside Microsoft ® to develop, integrate and deliver other Microsoft®- based products and services.

In early October, Point Alliance staff participated in the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, California. Following the theme of productivity and cloud integration, industry leaders gathered to further develop and share best practices in leveraging SharePoint platform and integration alternatives.

“One thing that was definitely apparent after observing numerous customer case study sessions, was that the work we are doing at Point Alliance with our clients are as creative and innovative as many of the hand-picked Microsoft SharePoint customers that were presenting their implementations, “says Jonathan Hamilton, Vice President of Business Development at Point Alliance. “With extensive experience in a variety of industries from pharmaceutical to financial, our SharePoint experts have showcased their unique style and creativity through each and every project.”

Read more to see how Point Alliance can help you save money by automating your business processes through SharePoint 2010.

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