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Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are quickly becoming the norm in today’s increasingly mobile world.

The question has evidently shifted from whether organizations ‘will’ adopt a mobile presence, to ‘when’? Mobile applications add tremendous value to businesses and organizations by offering convenience, greater efficiency and time savings to both internal and end consumers.

These invaluable tools are ultimately changing the way we live, work and play, making them one of the biggest assets in today’s mobile world- and also our top projects!

Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada is the national governing body for grassroots hockey in the country. Dedicated to growing the game at all levels, Hockey Canada has served as a voice for Canadians who share this love of hockey for over a century. As part of its roster of helpful mobile applications, Hockey Canada has introduced a new version of its concussion awareness app.

Touch Commerce

TouchCommerce offers a range of products and solutions designed to deliver the ultimate customer experience. In order to expand their product’s existing capabilities, TouchCommerce knew they needed to expand its abilities beyond its online use. Point Alliance worked with TouchCommerce to bring the powerful capabilities of its product to life in mobile devices.

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