In 2017, IBM is 100 years old in Canada. This century has been driven by innovation that matters to our clients, our people, our country and the world. We are proud to be part of a company that has dedicated a century to finding solutions to contemporary challenges with a vision of the future. Innovation, transformation, and pioneering have always been part of our culture. This second century of IBM will continue to change the world.

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IBM is a company that reinvents itself constantly. From cheese slicers, time recorders, weigh scales to the punch card, typewriters and personal computers, we have always had the needs of our clients in mind. IBM launched the concept of e-business, which has changed consumer buying behaviours. We inaugurated the on-demand era, which gave flexibility and significantly increased access to technology services across all market segments. We continue to work with communities to apply technology to the development of smarter cities, with more efficient systems of public safety, traffic, education, and health.

And we have recently inaugurated a new revolution: the age of cognitive computing, in which systems understand natural language. These cognitive systems are also called artificial intelligence, precisely because they approach the human way of thinking, interacting and learning, extracting knowledge from large volumes of unstructured data, and from diverse sources such as text, images and video. The impact on society and the business world is enormous. We want to help human beings to expand their knowledge potential exponentially, and to develop new capacities, driving all of us to a new cycle of innovation. We have always created and applied technology to serve and help people to develop themselves, their businesses, and their country – we will continue to do so with pride into our second century.