Point Alliance is proud to be celebrating their 15th year in business this July. The Canadian company which originally laid roots in Toronto in 2002, has since vastly expanded their reach outside of their local borders, spanning various markets and industries across the world. Today, they are an award-winning company that competes globally in the IT space across various markets.

While Point Alliance has seen many accomplishments over the years, some of the highlights over the past decade and a half include multiple recognition in the Branham300 Canada’s Top Tech Company, Profit500, and CRN’s Next-Gen list. Point Alliance has also managed to expand its partnerships over time. Today, Point Alliance has a partnership portfolio of over 20 strategic and technical partners spanning various IT specialties and focus.

John Zarei, Chief Executive Officer at Point Alliance is a firm believe that a great business is nowhere without the people that drive it every day. “You can’t stay in business for 1 year, let alone 15 years without the strong, loyal and dedicated people that stand behind it,” Zarei states. “We are extraordinarily blessed to have had the opportunity to work with many great individuals and partners that have helped make Point Alliance the company that it is today”.