Point Alliance Named as Finalist for “Best Tech Work Culture” 2019 Timmy Awards

The Timmy Awards were created by Tech in Motion, an international event series with a mission to bring local tech communities together to meet, learn, and innovate. The Timmy Awards aim to celebrate regional tech communities and the companies and individuals leading the way to create the best places for tech professionals to work. We are thrilled to announce that Point Alliance has been named a finalist for the 2019 Timmy Award for Best Tech Work Culture.

As an IT industry leader, Point Alliance offers creative and driven individuals an opportunity to work with the latest technology in a positive and energetic environment. Dedicated in providing the appropriate training and tools necessary for our team, we allow employees to continually develop skill sets required to successfully grow within our organization. Our office space is set up to maximize collaboration and team work with an open concept design. Any individual offices within our space have their doors open almost all of the time so no place feels off-limits.

We encourage our team to participate in our organized social events, be it a company-wide lunch at a neighbourhood restaurant or a games night at The Rec Room. Point Alliance proudly partners with multiple innovative application providers, software vendors and hardware companies such as Microsoft, GoDaddy and IBM. Our team not only has the opportunity to learn from and work with other members of Point Alliance but also has the opportunity to work with and learn from these other leading companies in the industry with whom we partner.

Point Alliance is an equal-opportunity organization that thrives off the diversity of our employees to create a positive and respectable workplace. As a socially-conscious company, we strive to contribute our resources to our local community and encourage our employees to do the same through organized initiatives.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to vote, please consider voting for Point Alliance!