Point Alliance Ranks on 2019 BRANHAM300 List.

The results are in from Branham Group’s annual ranking of tech companies and demonstrate a major growth thrust by Canada’s Information & Communications (ICT) sector! We are so thrilled to be ranked #237 on Branham’s annual list.

Branham Group, a global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry analyst and strategic advisory, has produced the Branham300 ranking of ICT companies in Canada for 25 consecutive years.

The Branham300 is the best-known and most widely referenced listing of Canada’s top ICT companies, ranked by revenue. The listing also tracks the top ICT multinationals operating in Canada, plus Up and Comers, those young Canadian companies Branham Group believes will be big hits soon.

Branham Group’s ranking is unique in Canada because it tracks both publicly held and privately owned companies. It is the only comprehensive list to do so.

The Branham300 consists of three major lists:

  • Top 250 Canadian ICT Companies: ranked by total revenue generated
  • Top 25 ICT Multinational Companies: ranked by revenue generated in Canada
  • Top 25 Up and Coming ICT Companies: ranked on innovation and promise

In 2018, Point Alliance was ranked #241 on the top 250 Canadian ICT Companies and this year we have moved up four spots to #237.