Imagine a soccer tournament with no soccer field! Created in Brazil, Beach Soccer is one of the fastest growing professional sports in the world and is becoming a major showcase for international commercial opportunity.

Soccer players and spectators will have the opportunity to feel what it would be like in the shoes of others and will gain a true understanding of how children worldwide manage to creatively make do with what they have. Soccer itself is a beloved global sport, yet in many nations worldwide, children do not have access to the same type of lush green pitches, nor the comfort of wearing soccer cleats when playing their favourite pastime.

The Plan Canada Leadership Council will aim to recreate this type of experience for participants by having players test their skills in the sand as opposed to a soccer field!

About Plan Canada
Something extraordinary happens when an entire community works together with shared goals, a solid plan, good advice and sufficient resources. With more than 70 years experience implementing innovative, sustainable solutions that produce measurable results for children living in poverty, we’ve seen it first-hand.

Plan Canada creates the conditions that make it possible for communities to turn their hopes for their children into reality. We engage children in shaping their own future. We invite you to be part of it all. Plan is one of the world’s largest development organizations, working in more than 65 countries worldwide on critical issues affecting millions of children.