SharePoint Savvy

Maximize your Microsoft SharePoint value into all the technologies and workflows you need to be productive.

Working with a highly skilled SharePoint Partner can go a long way toward ensuring a smooth SharePoint and Office365 implementation, migration or upgrade. There is a lot to know and here are just some of the reasons enlisting the assistance of outside help might benefit your organization:

  1. Ask the right questions
    A SharePoint Partner who has implementation experience in the same or similar industry can understand a company’s business processes quickly and promptly, deliver relevant direction and address specific pain points.
  2. Conduct proof-of-concept SharePoint sessions
    In a business requirements session, if the SharePoint Partner talks about a particular SharePoint feature like a site template, or discusses how SharePoint works, we will be able to demo that feature live to the end user and make sure the business requirements align with SharePoint capabilities to help manage their expectations as early as possible.
  3. Knowledge of the latest SharePoint technology trends
    Because of the velocity with which SharePoint is introducing new features, a major success factor for a SharePoint consultant is to continue learning all the relevant features of SharePoint.
  4. Solid understanding of out-of-the-box features
    Although custom development in SharePoint is possible, it should only be offered as a solution after going through and reviewing Out of the Box features and capabilities and 3rd Party tools. In most cases, we can leverage existing features of SharePoint and satisfy most customers’ needs.
  5. Good knowledge of 3rd party tools
    There are many tools and add-ons that have already been developed by others to solve specific problems and there is little point in reinventing the wheel. We are partnered with a wide range of third- party vendors such as Nintex, Sharegate and Quest.
  6. Custom development capacity (when required)
    When your needs cannot be met using out of the box features, the SharePoint Partner must be experienced in many other skills to create custom/hybrid solutions using SharePoint framework.
  7. Client management
    With every new project, we need to adapt quickly to the business users we will be working with for the duration of the project. We play a central role, ensuring that your business processes are mapped in SharePoint, while at the same time aligning your expectations on what is and is not possible in the system. We will simplify and explain complex technical terminology so that you can understand and make important and timely business decisions.
  8. Teamwork, mentorship and documentation
    A successful SharePoint project is much more than delivering software; it’s about teamwork and mentorship, where senior and experienced team members can complete meaningful knowledge sharing to enable you to be as self sufficient as possible.