Microsoft 365 Tenant Assessment

Most small and medium sized businesses do not have the luxury of a having a full-time employee whose sole responsibility is to monitor and keep up-to-date with all of the advancements and changes in managing and administering your Microsoft 365 tenant.

You may have setup your Cloud tenant internally and followed many of the default settings at the time or you may have had the assistance of an outside consultant to configure these settings.

The reality is, that the features and functions of the various administrative portals are ever changing and that a regular review of these with an explanation of the benefits or impacts to your organization is a very wise use of time.

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner with Competencies in Cloud Productivity and Application Development, Point Alliance has worked with organizations of all sizes to assist them in migrating to Microsoft 365 or in optimizing the usage of their entitlements.

The Assessment

Our assessment will focus on the following key areas:

Licensing & User Adoption – Are you using what you are paying for? Are you paying for things that you should be considering using? What are people actually making use of?

Governance –  Leveraging the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center we will review with you the integrated solutions for information protection, information governance, insider risk management, discovery, and more. We will take a deeper dive into the following areas to review the settings associated with each of,

  1. SharePoint Site Governance
  2. OneDrive Governance
  3. Information/Data Governance
  4. Microsoft Teams Governance
  5. Service Configuration Process Governance

 Security –  Leveraging the Microsoft 365 Security Center we will work with you to review essential security questions such as the following,

  1. Are users configured with multi-factor authentication?
  2. If the organization’s on-prem Active Directory is synchronized with Azure Active Directory, are only necessary objects synchronized?
  3. Is the number of users configured as administrators in Microsoft 365 appropriate for the size of the organization?
  4. Are dedicated administrative accounts used?
  5. Are Azure AD User Settings configured from non-default settings?

Next Steps

It is anticipated that this assessment can be completed in a single 4 hour hands-on screenshare session. Once the necessary information has been gathered the information will be formatted into an assessment report and will be presented back to the client.

A pre-requisite to doing the screenshare session(s) will be that the client has an account that has global administer access to the Microsoft tenant.


The deliverable of the assessment will be documented recommendations for the areas of:

  1. Licensing
  2. Governance
  3. Security, and
  4. User Adoption

We will also include a road map of possible entitlements that the organization should consider rolling out (with any license cost impacts) and their agreed upon priority.

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