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The other day I received a text from one of our customers, “thanks so much for all your help – I can’t believe how easy it is to do everything from any device.” It was rewarding to get this feedback. As a small boutique IT consulting firm, our client relationships are very personal. We know our customer’s systems (and business) intimately and consider ourselves an extension of their team. A win for them is a big win for us.

Have You Achieved Technology Nirvana?

For many companies, the promise of digital transformation through technology has already been delivered. Technology is seamless, files can be found and shared easily, applications are available on any device, analytics are advanced, delivering insights rather than numbers, and security is streamlined (yet still secure). For companies who have achieved technology nirvana, congratulations. You are probably partnering with a great IT firm and don’t need any help from us. But for others, that promise of technology enlightenment seems to be false hope. We know. We get the phone calls.

Simplicity Begins with Outcomes

When we begin working with a client, we always start by focusing on the outcome. Where do you want to be at the end of the project? The destination needs to be clear or the roadmap will be flawed.

Usually our initial meetings with clients are the result of two things:

  1. They have incredible pain about some aspect of their technology (and business).
  2. They have mentioned their pain to one of our customers who recommended us.

Because we don’t advertise, all of our clients come from referrals (yes, if you are reading this blog and have a technology pain you need solved we invite you to call us). The work we do is highly personalized and usually begins with an upfront review and assessment. It’s a get-to-know-you-first-approach to make sure there is a fit and that your challenge is one we feel confident about solving.

Common Client Pain Points – It’s All About Change

Technology is coming at us fast and furious. As an example, there are now over 2,000,000 apps on the Apple App store with hundreds being added daily. All of this promises to make life easier for us, and in many cases it has. But for businesses who have customized legacy business applications, complex workflows and a mix of cloud and on-premises solutions, technology has simply introduced more silos of data that aren’t well integrated.

Here are some of the common pain points that begin our client conversations:

  • Duplication – your order entry, financials, forecasting, CRM and marketing solutions all contain duplicate content; reporting is inconsistent and much of it is manual.
  • Too many passwords – you can’t keep track of your passwords and so you try to use the same one over and over or keep your passwords written down. You know it is not secure but you aren’t sure what an easy alternative might be. The latest flood of ransomware attacks are making you nervous .
  • Search woes – you can’t find the document or the version of the document you need; you waste too much time every day searching for relevant content.
  • Data loss – at some point, documents were lost or corrupted and now you keep 17 copies of everything; but that means you are often working on the wrong version or have forgotten where the most current version is; you also don’t have a business continuity model that has been tested or that you are confident with.
  • Modernization/Migration – you have old technology that needs to be refreshed, migrated or modernized and you aren’t certain where or how to begin; you also have a specific budget and can’t afford to start a project where the budget and scope will creep.
  • Analytics and AI – you know that artificial intelligence and advanced analytics is something that your competitors are probably doing but your reports are mostly based on excel spreadsheets; how can you move from excel to advanced artificial intelligence to support a business forward motion.
  • Jobbus Interruptis – yes, that is our term for too many pinging devices. Technology can actually make us less productive if we respond to every alert; your ability to establish protocols and governance for turning off bells, whistles and devices will help you achieve more and increase job satisfaction across your team.

An Offer for You

If you resonate with any of the above pain points, we empathize. We totally get where you are coming from and would be happy to see how we can help. Our offer for you is a simple one – bring us your biggest pain point and let us help you solve it in a half-day workshop. We will explore exactly how you (and your unique business and landscape) can move forward from problem to resolution. It’s absolutely free and there is no obligation to work with us. But we would certainly like it if you did.

Call me, John Zarei at 416-943-1557 to schedule a 10-minute virtual coffee. This is how we started (and kept) our business growing; simply by solving one client problem at a time. I look forward to meeting you.

We hope you have found this edition of “To The Point” by John Zarei to be helpful and informative. Look out for our next installment as we continue to explore unique topics from business to the latest technology.

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